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My inspiration behind Pretty Brown Sistah Tees...

My inspiration behind Pretty Brown Sistah™

Recently I was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata which is an autoimmune disease that causes hair to fall out in small, random patches and your immune system attacks hair follicles.

 I was depressed and felt very unattractive. Even with my support system cheering me on it was a hard thing to accept. Everyday I sat in the mirror talking and encouraging myself before I left home. I wanted to give that self love I extend on my Instagram to others. In other words I was trying to practice what I was preaching but it was a hard task. I would speak positively to myself all the time saying you are beautiful! You are pretty! You are strong! You are more than your hair!! You got this! It's just an obstacle and you will overcome it!!

I tried scarves, wigs and hats but the Texas heat was making it impossible. One day my husband said to me you are beautiful with or without hair,  you can get through this. I decided to shave it off and own it. I have embraced it and tell myself daily I AM A PRETTY BROWN SISTAH!!

One night the spirit confirmed my gifts and the idea I had been contemplating to start my own line. It had to be birth from something and I had no idea when I started going through it what God would deliver. 

I don't just want a t-shirt line but a Pretty Brown Sistah Movement all over the world!  I would like to encourage other Pretty Brown Sistah's young and old that might be going through the same or ANYTHING in their life. It's only a stumbling block and God has got us all!! GOD HAS HIS HANDS ON US!!!

I appreciate you MY Pretty Brown Sistah, you are AMAZING, you are UNSTOPPABLE!! 



Thank you,

Kimberly Sauls/Pretty Brown Sistah


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